Sinhgad Institutes Ensures Uninterrupted Learning during Lockdown

Pune - With proper planning and digital compatibility, Sinhgad Institutes is successfully conducting online sessions with no interruptions in the academic deliverance.

Continuing academics was the top priority when pandemic struck. Proper foresight and excellent digital infrastructure has helped Sinhgad Institutes to face up to the challenges. 

 Promptly responding to the crisis situation posed by the corona virus outbreak resulting in disruption of the teaching - learning process and research activities, the dedicated faculty of Sinhgad College of Engineering, RMD Sinhgad School of Engineering, Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, Sinhgad Institute of Technology and all numerous other colleges under the ambit of Sinhgad Technical Education Society have been very pro-active in conducting online sessions to the existing students during the lockdown period in accordance with the academic semester.

Spokesperson of Sinhgad Institutes says, “The whole world is passing through unprecedented crisis. Duly understanding the key issues of academic activities Sinhgad Institutes have been making effective use of technology and all available options for conducting ‘online sessions’ effectively thereby engaging the students in learning, up skilling and in numerous activities through sessions, web seminars, workshops and online assignments keeping them constructively engaged. 

Academic team of Sinhgad Institutes also reviews the situation from time to time to make suitable amendments as they are committed to complete the academic sessions within the stipulated time of the semester”. 

“One of the key factors for success in online sessions is that both the faculty and the student are very comfortable with technology. Sinhgad Institutes has the some of the finest IT facilities and best infrastructure.

Existing students have been accessing these facilities which have made them very much IT savvy.  Wherever faculty faces connectivity or other related challenges, they are availing the facilities in the campus to ensure that the online sessions are not adversely affected.

And where the students are facing connectivity issues, the sessions are re-scheduled or extra sessions are held accordingly. Industry experts, renowned academicians from various parts of the globe have also been roped in to conduct few sessions and seminars, thereby helping the students to understand the industry outlook during these challenging times.

Free flowing discussions, interactive sessions and even mentoring of students are being conducted by the faculty to facilitate best possible learning for the students”. 

Considering that the only source of revenue is fee from students, there is constant endeavor to manage the financial commitments in view of the fact that over Rs. 60 Crore is due from Social Welfare Department, over Rs. 20 Crores is due from students against fee payments and over Rs. 30 Crore is due from Corporation against allotment of hostels for quarantine facilitates.

The total dues compute to over Rs. 110 Crores.  Notwithstanding this huge amount that is pending to be received, Sinhgad Institutes have been paying the basic salaries even during the pandemic.

The topmost priority is payment of salaries and all requisite action is underway for remittance of due salaries. With regard to ad-hoc faculty, as the tenure of appointment of ad-hoc faculty is over, each case is being reviewed, depending on merit, in compliance with terms and conditions of appointment. 

At Sinhgad Institutes, well-being of the students is always the topmost priority. Adapting and changing as demanded by the situation, the faculty stepped up to meet the challenges successfully.

Crisis created by the pandemic needs that all stakeholders should join hands to fight and win over the situation and Sinhgad Institutes has been at the forefront facing and overcoming the challenges in the best manner possible.

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