Prometheus School Partners with ValidateMe for Blockchain Technology Powered Digital Storage and Verification Platform

Prometheus School, an IB candidate school in NCR announces its partnership with the digital platform ValidateMe (an initiative under Affidabile Solutions), to enable anytime access to student records. ValidateMe is a blockchain technology powered digital data storage and background verification platform. It serves varied entities across domains such as educational institutions, corporates, job applicants and freelancers. The platform enables them to store and access their digital archives, perform background verifications and feedback consolidations, all in a matter of a few minutes.

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In the educational sector, the platform helps schools and other higher learning institutions in validating the authenticity of academic certificates and school reports along with school transfer certificates to name a few. Prometheus School, a pioneer in adopting new age technologies, has realised the potential of ValidateMe and has been an early adopter of their services.

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Ms. Rashima, the Principal Secondary School, stated, "In today's age of digital ubiquity, it is important to not just have information online, but more specifically have it reliably and securely online. We, at the Prometheus School take data and data security very seriously and hence are excited at the potential that comes with the partnership with ValidateMe."

Ms. Aneesha, the Principal Primary School, quoted, "Prometheus signing up with ValidateMe holds a lot of promise long term. It gives a distinct advantage to the Prometheus students by setting digital validated records right from the early years of their education."

The school explains the benefits that accompany the partnership for all parties involved; parents, students and the organisation. For parents, this platform will allow access to not just the current digital records, but records spanning their child's entire educational journey. Furthermore, the platform will help Prometheus school facilitate the transfer process for incoming students in a more time efficient manner. Students gain the most out of this platform since it will aid in their college application processes on an international and national level.

Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Founding Chairman and Director of the Prometheus School and an investor of ValidateMe, expressed his confidence by stating, "Digital security and trust have become more important than ever before. The importance of this service is on the rise given the ground reality with COVID-19. Regardless of the domain you operate in, both trust in the information made available and secure access to the same, will soon become an inevitable necessity. ValidateMe had the foresight to ideate on this state art of blockchain platform to power its solutions that are valuable for all industries and I am very excited at Prometheus signing up to leverage this solution."

Adding a testimonial from an early investor of ValidateMe, Mr. P. K. Gupta, Chairman, Sharda Group of Institutions and Chancellor, Sharda University, "ValidateMe offers the much needed genuine access to relevant data. It provides the scalability and reliability we all need in today's age of information overload. As a long timer in the educational and medical sectors, I see these as key in the world of digital transformation. With Mukesh's technology background and the idea the team is working on, I have complete confidence in the solution's potential and wish them the very best in the coming days."

Mr. Mahesh Balakrishnan, Director Human Touch said, "ValidateMe.Online looks very promising with cutting edge technology, solving a real market need."

Mr. Sharma concluded that the one of the core differentiations for ValidateMe is the strong team that continues to support it, not just financially, but also from ongoing business scenarios standpoint - Mr. Gupta's association with ValidateMe is one such solid example and the latest sign up from Prometheus, is yet another step ahead in the right direction!


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